West End Gospel Hall, Whitburn - Calendar of Events and Meetings:


Below you can check to see what meetings are on, and what times they commence. You can sync this Calendar with your Smartphone / Tablet device or you can add just certain events/meetings to your phone as a reminder of the event.




About us:

We are a Gospel Hall, situated in the small West Lothian town of Whitburn at the West End of the High Street.

A warm welcome to those who would like to visit us. If you would like to contact us beforehand, please email us at the below address:



If you would like to attend any of these meetings, but would like to ask us some questions before hand, please email us at the address on the right hand side, and we will be happy to contact you in return.

Mobile Sync:

You can add any of the above events / meetings to your smartphone device or tablet. You don't have to add all the events to your calendar, you can chose to add just one or a few, in order that the notifications can be sent to you as a reminder.