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To listen to any of the messages here from your desktop, click on any of the sermons provided to hear the message.

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Audio / Podcast:

If you have a Smart Phone or Tablet our audio files are now set up to allow streaming straight to your device to listen on the Go.

The 'Mobile Play' link has been tested on iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, Samsung Galaxy and HTC Windows Mobile.

Social Sharing Policy:

You may share any of the sermons online via any social media network as long as our website link is made available next to each sermon.

If you wish to download and pass on to CD, please provide information onto the CD where the sermon has originated from.

If you would like to share any of our sermons on your own website, PLEASE make sure you seek permission from us first, it would be prefered that you add them as links on your website allowing traffic to direct to our website. This complies with the Data Protection Act and Copyright law.